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Diving in Australia is one of the most rewarding adventures in the world due to the amazing marine life in waters of this country and the large number of beach resorts. Cairns, where are probably the best dive spots in Australia, is one of the last locations on the planet where can be seen such crystal waters. Tourists visiting Australia have the opportunity to immerse in the Coral Sea and enjoy the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef - shipwrecks, sharks and many other marine species. With so large variety of aquatic life living on submarine walls and exotic reefs tourists who book all inclusive diving packages to Cairns gain unforgettable memories.

Local operators provide a large variety of packages - day trips aboard a modern catamaran that include several hours of snorkeling, tours to the most renowned dive sites featuring 1-2 hours of immersion, cruises in length of several days on which participants stay in comfortable cabins and take dives couple times a day (some dive packages include night dives as well), various combined excursions and many others. Despite to the fact that the Great Barrier Reef is visited by a huge number of avid divers, there is no crowd because of the fact that the region has a very large number of diving places and everyone will find a spot that suits at best to its skills, interests and vacation budget.

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Scuba diving vacations in Australia allow people to see some of the most incredible natural views. The Great Barrier Reef is composed of many smaller reefs (over three thousand). There are hundreds of great spots for reef diving, and as a result everyone finds a place to enjoy in peace the stunning views beneath waters of Coral Sea.

Coral Sea and beach resorts in Cairns belong certainly to the best vacation spots in Australia and possibly even in the world. With top rated scuba dive sites like the Cod Hole, Flinders Reef, Yongala Wreck, the Ribbon Reefs, The Outer Great Barrier Reef, Osprey Reef, Shark Reef, Holmes Reef and others, Coral Sea can be considered one of the best destinations for any diving enthusiast. No matter whether tourists are recreational or advanced divers, they find in Cairns a suitable place and a travel deal to feel like in paradise.

Along with reefs, Coral Sea is home to huge schools of oceanic fish and sharks swimming around sunken mountains and sheer walls. The best way to dive in the northern part of state of Queensland, where is located the Coral Sea, is to rent one of the many charters that operate there or to join to organized cruises specially designed for diving.

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For brave divers and danger lovers holidays in Australia offer the opportunity to immerse in the blue sea into a steel cage - in this way they can encounter live sharks. A such experience is unusual for most divers, and as result in Australia they have the opportunity to try out a really unique adventure.

The exciting moments spent under the water's surface interacting with fearsome creatures are so magnificent that thousands of people travel every year to Cairns to see the sharks living in their natural habitat and all other natural wonders that the Great Barrier Reef offers.

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