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The Bahamas is an islander country and a famous vacation destination in Caribbean Sea. Travelers whom like to search for colorful sea shells on remote coves, build sand castles, swim with dolphins, enjoy snorkeling tours and scuba diving vacations are advised to book deals to beach resorts in Nassau, Bahamas. Actually, due to the beauty and richness of aquatic species, this archipelago is a terrestrial paradise for divers.

Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas, is a mixture of exquisite hotels and impressive historical buildings. The Bahamas Historical Society Museum and the Parliament Square attract every year a large number of tourists. There are available other vacation activities like swimming with dolphins, while in entire Bahamas can be practiced a wide range of holiday activities, from which scuba diving and snorkeling are very rewarding and allow voyagers to enjoy extraordinary life experiences.

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Tourists with passion for water sports have in Bahamas plenty of opportunities to practice snorkeling and shore diving, but there are several sites for shark diving too. Around the islands that make up the archipelago divers have chance to see fantastic coral reefs specific to Caribbean Sea, along with abundant and various marine life.

Voyagers looking for exotic marine life but whom don't like to get wet have at disposal a great place to visit - a resort named Atlantis, set on Paradise Island, which features an excellent aquarium. They can spend there the whole day observing the exotic marine species in large glass basins.

Bahamas is a beautiful vacation place that offers fantastic all inclusive vacation packages to luxury hotels, along with great opportunities for exploring the submarine world. Even if holidays are excellent on any tropical island, a snorkeling and scuba diving vacation in Bahamas is special and the thrilling moments when divers encounter reef sharks off Nassau are really unforgettable.

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