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The range of scuba diving adventures available in Belize, a small country in Caribbean Sea, is incredibly broad because there are many excellent dive resorts. As a result, to this travel destination are offered plenty of diving packages. Belize is very attractive to divers because there are incredible clear waters, but also due to gorgeous beaches and stunning tropical landscapes. Therefore, tourists have chance to enjoy both scuba diving (encountering sharks is one of the most thrilling experiences in this Central American country) as well as adventures in the rainforests.

The quality of scuba diving vacations in Belize depends very much on the individual budget. All travelers are welcomed and those who are searching for luxury beach resorts and all inclusive hotels find there a wide range of accommodations of this type.

People who love adventure will be not disappointed in Belize. They can begin the day with shark diving and after that take a river trip by kayak before to head into rainforest for caving, hiking and bird watching.

Tourists who prefer a more relaxed vacation and are looking for a peaceful holiday environment find in Belize the right destination because this country is home to a number of all inclusive resorts that offer luxury packages and vacation deals designed to spoil tourists 24 hours a day.

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Families spending vacations in beach resorts in Belize can choose from scuba diving packages that combine adventure with relaxation, fun and education. A number of hotels in Belize have clubs specially designed for kids and babysitting services; along with these features, there are available exciting vacation activities that can be arranged for the whole family such as horseback riding on beaches, scuba diving (still, shark diving is not recommended to kids) and snorkeling around the Barrier Reef or mountain biking in the jungle. With so many options, it is sure that nobody gets ever bored in Belize, considered the most amazing Caribbean country.

Beside diving resorts and crystal waters offering excellent conditions for submarine exploration, Belize features tropical forests, historical Mayan ruins, wild rivers, caves and habitats for exotic animals such as jaguar, toucans and others.

Few people know that the Barrier Reef in Belize is the largest reef in the western hemisphere. Its coral formations, warm waters and beautiful atolls offer some of the world's best snorkeling and diving adventures, and as a result is not surprising that to this country take trips more and more tourists every year.

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