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Curacao is a small island in Caribbean Sea lying north to the Venezuelan coast, being included in the Netherlands Antilles. Along with its two sister-islands of Aruba and Bonaire, and other three islets located very close (Puerto Rico, St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Martin), Curacao is the tropical side of The Netherlands. Island of Curacao is a great place to vacation in Caribbean because it features magnificent scuba dive sites and several high-rise beach resorts and luxury hotels offering convenient vacation deals.

Island of Curacao is relaxing and exciting in the same time, being blessed by magnificent weather year-round. The sun is hot, just like on all Caribbean islands, but a special characteristic is the constantly present wind cooling the air. While vacations in Curacao tourists discover the exotic environment, rocky coastline, secluded bays, scenic roads, natural parks, and old country houses; they have the opportunity to enjoy folk dances, festivals, carnivals, sailing trips, water sports, tennis, horseback riding, fishing and the list of vacation activities could continue endless...

ScubaDivingVacation.netVacations In Curacao - Dive Resorts At Cornellius Bay & Klein Curacao, Caribbean

Because Curacao is a tropical island, part of the Netherlands Antilles, it has much to offer to all vacationers who like scuba diving and snorkeling. Although Curacao is a less popular scuba dive destination than Bonaire, it has many similarities. Vacation spent in its beach resorts, largely settled close to excellent diving sites, allow tourists to practice without any effort their preferred outdoor activity. At short distance to shores of Curacao tourists can take deeper dives around a sunken oil tanker named Superior Producer. Another great place is Off the Road, called so because it is an area filled with wrecks of cars and trucks from the 1960's. The more advanced scuba divers can go down at over 100 feet. The visibility is generally very good in these waters, ranging from 80 to 120 feet. Around Curacao can be practiced good wall dives and seen many turtles, rays, barracuda, spotted drums, shrimp and lobster.

Some of the best dive sites in Curacao, most of them located very close to top beach resorts and hotels offering all inclusive vacation packages, are: Cornellius Bay, with a beautiful submarine wall and magnificent coral, Diver's Leap, Sandy's Plateau (one of the most popular diving sites amongst tourists visiting Curacao), Nieuwport, featuring very rich marine life, The Lost Anchor, where travelers can explore a sheer wall and a beautiful plateau, Jan Thiel, located in front of a resort with the same name, The Small Wall, where can be seen really big green morays, Beacon Point, where is located the largest pillar coral formation in Caribbean, Porto Marie, in front of the most beautiful beach of the island, and the Mushroom Forest, considered the World's Best Dive Spot by the Sport Diver Magazine.

Klein Curacao is a small island located 20 miles east to Curacao. Vacationers have the opportunity to take there tank dives and enjoy swimming, snorkeling or just relax on the awesome white-sand beaches. Klein Curacao is worldwide renowned for its turtle population and the silky softness of the sand and as result it is one of the best destinations to vacation in Caribbean!

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