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Experienced scuba divers know that South Pacific is home to some of the most amazing submarine sights in the world. One of the best vacation destinations in this area is Fiji, a scenic archipelago with more than 300 islands. All inclusive diving packages offered by resorts in Fiji are highly demanded on the international travel scene for the fact that this country in South Pacific features hundreds of spectacular snorkeling and dive sites that can satisfy even the most picky diver.

Coral reefs in Fiji Islands provide plenty of snorkeling and diving opportunities for beginner and expert divers alike, including wreck dives, night dives, drift dives, shark dives and others. The large variety of diving opportunities in Fiji is one of the top reasons why so many tourists book vacation packages to this country.

The Outer Barrier Reef offers perhaps the most exciting diving conditions in Fiji. Tourists who want to swim with colorful fish around amazingly beautiful coral formations are advised to visit Gotham City or the Big W, where big fish such as mantas and sharks are seen often. Namotu Reef is one of the passages of the Outer Barrier Reef and offers a fantastic view with sharks, marlin, and manta rays. Namotu Wall provides awesome sights with plenty of turtles, sharks and schools of fish.

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Some of the best scuba diving packages to Fiji include visits to the Barrel Head, where proliferate reef sharks, turtles, colorful coral and many fish species. Other great diving destinations in Fiji are the Castaway Passage, popular for the incredible visibility (more than 100 feet or 30 meters), and The Big Blue, where tourists find a remarkable variety of coral canyons. Drift dive enthusiasts appreciate the Wilky Wall, one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Fiji, and the Wilkes Passage, a thrilling passage where runs ocean currents and can be taken excellent shark dives.

Malolo Barrier Reef is an impressive diving site due to the very abundant aquatic life. The place named "The Supermarket" is maybe the world's most famous dive site to encounter sharks - there can be seen grey, white and black reef sharks in very large number. The wreck of "Salamanda" (a former 130-feet or 40-meter cruise ship) offers exciting wreck dive opportunities, being home to soft coral, shrimp, crabs and sea anemone.

From all beach resorts and hotels in Fiji can be arranged trips to other excellent snorkeling and scuba dive sites such as Jackie's Reef (a coral reef with diverse fish population), Vomo Island (with Ronnie's Reef, a sensational coral canyon, and Vomo Caves, featuring plenty of thrilling caverns and passages), Tui's Reef (a popular resort for night dives, where crayfish, clams, moray eels and other tropical aquatic life come to feed), Stonehenge (an ideal place for beginner divers and snorkeling fans due to the shallow depths), Bird Rock (renowned for passages and caves filled with soft coral and plentiful fish), The Circus (with abundant coral formations), and the Coral Gardens (a reef with numerous coral species).

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