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Snorkeling tours and diving packages to Jamaica, Caribbean Sea, are some of the most enjoyable life experiences on which one can dream. With thousands of amazing dive spots and hundreds of beach resorts to choose from, there is always a place that meets all requirements even of the most picky tourists.

Jamaica, by many considered the most beautiful island in Caribbean, with the capital city at Kingston, features many interesting diving spots. In fact, the options for spending perfect vacations in Jamaica are without limit! This island is worldwide renowned for luxury hotels, lush vegetation, reggae music, rum, coffee and excellent beaches. One of the most overlooked attractions in Jamaica is the part of the island that lies beneath of the surface of Caribbean Sea. Many vacationers don't know that Jamaica is a top scuba diving destination, excepting those who have explored already its reefs and have found out that it is maybe the best destination on the planet for aquatic exploration. Where else can be taken stunning wall dives in the morning, enjoying the rich marine life on shallow reefs a few hours later, and continuing in the afternoon with other exciting vacation activities like river rafting, horseback riding, and golf playing than in Jamaica?

Few tourists know also that Jamaica has many top dive sites and snorkeling tour opportunities to shallow reefs and sheer walls, old wrecks and awesome submarine caverns. Its waters are home to all kind of aquatic species: spectacular coral formations, exotic sponges, spiny lobsters, moray eels, sea turtles, and a multitude of colorful fish species...

To book the best all inclusive vacation packages that include accommodation in luxury resorts in Jamaica, tourists are advised to choose from vacation deals offered to Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. From this premier tourist destinations in Jamaica can be explored plenty of rewarding diving places, from which some of the best are described below.

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Just a couple miles east to Montego Bay, the most popular holiday destination in Jamaica, is located a shallow reef filled with marine life named The Fairy Castle. Tourists discover there a massive colony of pillar coral and The Fairy Bridge, a coral formation that connects two sections of the reef over a sandy area. The entire reef comprises a system of tunnels that are home to squirrel fish, goat fish, porcupine fish, bar jacks and grunts.

Located on the western side of Jamaica, the shallow reef of The Spanish Anchor drops up to a sandy bottom localized at 50 feet depth. The site got its name from a large anchor of Spanish origin that can be seen on the sandy bottom even today. Along with this attraction, on the reef can be explored tunnels and caverns with very abundant sponge colonies. Eagle rays are quite common there and in the deeper waters large snappers and sometimes nurse sharks may passing by...

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