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Malta and Gozo, the main islands of the Maltese archipelago, feature every year over 300 sunny days. Therefore, there is not surprising that snorkeling and scuba diving vacations have became parts of the Maltese image abroad. The great variety of marine life in Mediterranean Sea turns resorts in Malta and Gozo to very popular places for magnificent diving holidays.

Island of Malta is considered one of the ideal vacation destinations in the world and offers some of the best holiday deals. The Maltese archipelago is small, but there are settled many hotels and beach resorts with excellent amenities for water sports. As a result, tourists taking delight in vacations in Malta can alternate snorkeling and scuba diving sessions with other activities such as swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing, and many others.

Swimming with dolphins is today a very popular activity around the world and Malta is one of the best places to practice this pastime into a site located at the Mediterranean Marine Park. This activity involves interactions only with captive dolphins and, in order to protect these intelligent creatures, swimming sessions are limited at maximum 30 minutes.

ScubaDivingVacation.netVacations In Malta - Dive Resorts At The Blue Hole & The Inland Sea

On island of Gozo tourists can experience the diving paradise of Malta on a different level by exploring other parts of the aquatic world in the archipelago. Gozo is smaller than the neighboring island of Malta, but features wonderful weather, many excellent beaches and several classy hotels offering very convenient holiday deals.

The best two dive sites in Malta can be found near Gozo and are worldwide famous: The Blue Hole and The Inland Sea. The Cathedral Cave, Sequa Point, Billing Hurst Cave, Shrimp Cave, Coral Cave, Double Arch Reef, Xlendi Cave, Fungus Rock, Comino Caves and Alexander Cave are other exceptional diving sites in Malta visited by a huge number of tourists.

Waters of Mediterranean Sea house a wide variety of fauna and flora, and a large part of it can be seen in the Maltese waters. Malta is considered by many people one of the best sites in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving, but due to the many dive schools present there, it is also a very good destination for learning the basic skills of this aquatic sport.

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