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Seychelles is a group of 115 islands in Indian Ocean that belongs geographically to Africa and is located between Madagascar, Maldive Islands and Mauritius Islands. Republic of Seychelles is home to a couple of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Island of Aldabra (the world's largest coral atoll in the world) and Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island, often compared to Paradise due to the lush exotic vegetation.

Seychelles is a terrestrial paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving vacations because it features six national marine parks with coral origin islands and waters housing more than 1,000 different species of fish. Along with these magnificent parks, tourists have chance to enjoy in Seychelles very good accommodation amenities for the fact that in this country are settled some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Africa. The clear turquoise waters, awesome white-sand beaches, and exotic plant and animal species turn Seychelles Islands to a very popular vacation destination.

ScubaDivingVacation.netVacations In Seychelles - Dive Resorts At Anse Lazio & Mahe Island, Indian Ocean

One of the best scuba diving sites in Seychelles is Anse Lazio, located on Praslin Island. There are situated many classy hotels in Seychelles from where can be visited magnificent sites for snorkeling and scuba diving, located usually within walking distance. Framed by huge rocks, the beach on Anse Lazio is shaded by coconut palms and covered by soft sand, and as a result tourist taking delight in vacations in Seychelles feel there like in Eden...

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles and houses the capital city of the archipelago named Victoria, in honor of the former queen of England. The international airport, as well as 90% of the population, is located also on Mahe Island. As the main tourist site in Seychelles, on Mahe are settled some of the best rated resorts, many of them offering memorable scuba diving packages and snorkeling tours.

Along with divers, Seychelles Islands is a popular vacation destination amongst fisherman because in waters of Indian Ocean can be catched magnificent trophies such as sailfish and marlin. The flying time to Seychelles from the United States is about 30 hours, and as a result this country is a holiday destination more popular with European and South African tourists. Still, the awesome natural scenery, fantastic snorkeling and dive sites, as well as the luxurious resorts and hotels, make Seychelles Islands a top destination for anyone who has a larger vacation budget.

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