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Due to the increasing popularity of scuba diving, more and more travelers want to learn and practice it. This outdoor activity is so famous nowadays because it allows tourists to explore an "alien" world and to enjoy fantastic treasures like colorful fish species, impressive coral reefs, huge mammals such as whales, dangerous fish like sharks or very intelligent creatures such as dolphins. Therefore, dive packages are more and more requested by vacationers and people interested to see the aquatic world.

There are many scuba diving resorts spread in the world. Many of them are located in exotic vacation places such as Hawaii, but especially on Island of Maui, Caribbean islands like Bahamas (with Nassau as main dive destination), Jamaica, Curacao and Grand Cayman, wonderful holiday destinations in Central America like Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica, "classic" beach holiday destinations such as Malta, Cyprus and Greece, awesome tropical sites like Fiji and Thailand or remote places like Seychelles Islands and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

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On Earth are many countries with popular vacation spots where are available scuba diving packages. Along with amazing aquatic experiences, tourists can enjoy in these places gorgeous sandy beaches, luxury resort towns offering accommodation in 4- and 5-star hotels, interesting people, rich cultural events, exotic foods and valuable archaeological remains. Some people think that scuba diving is not for everybody and diving deals should be booked only by experienced divers. This preconception, as any preconception, is false! It is true that this outdoor activity requests very specialized skills and equipment, but there is nothing that cannot be learned or bought! In most diving resorts are schools with professional instructors who teach tourists the basic skills to dive in no time!

Some people don't know which vacation destination to pick and what kind diving package is the most rewarding. Everywhere are waters where can be practiced scuba diving, still vacation spots in tropical destinations are considered the best for this aquatic activity. Tourists who want to try out some exciting actions beneath the water's surface have just to search for the most affordable deals offered by hotels settled in beautiful tourist sites like Caribbean, Australia, Fiji or other countries, to follow the classes of a diving school if don't know already to dive, and to head after that straight to some deep waters and enjoy the treasures of the sunken world.

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