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Florida Keys is a fantastic vacation spot famous worldwide for resort towns like Key West and Key Largo, but also for peerless scuba diving sites offering unique and memorable experiences both to beginner and to experienced submarine explorers. Florida Keys is actually a chain of islands long of over 120 miles located south of Florida's mainland. Visitors refer to this region of Florida as "America's Caribbean". Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, these islands of Florida are believed to have been frequented by pirates in the past. Florida Keys home the only living coral reef in the United States. To top 10 diving locations in Florida belongs The Benwood, one of the most visited vacation sites in Florida Keys' area. The shallow waters offer great exploring opportunities of a sunken vessel, which collided with a tanker in 1942. Today, it is home to a vast number of fish and other aquatic life, such as barracuda and parrotfish.

Reefs housing coral formations are top diving sites in Florida. Carysfort Reef and Carysfort South are made up of amazing unspoiled coral reefs. Because it are located away from the main vacation spots in Florida, the flora and fauna are well preserved in their natural habitat. The water depth in these dive sites varies between 75 and 25 feet. The Duane is another very good location to dive in Florida - a former cutter that was purposely sunk in 1987 to serve as an artificial reef in order to preserve the life in the area. It is approximately 90 feet deep, but even in the more shallow waters can be revealed scenic views by shining a light to the wreck.

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A top diving site in Florida is The Christ of the Deep Statue, located at "Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary" and well known by divers exploring the area. Donated by John Pennekamp in 1966, this spectacular nine foot tall monument, made of bronze, is easily accessible to visitors of the Dry Rocks Reef in Florida Keys. Elbow Reef is another scenic diving location in Florida, offering visitors natural beauty and adventurous experience at one of its many shipwrecks. The most popular attraction in this area of Florida is the City of Washington, home to moray eels. The Snapper Ledge is also one of the "must visit" dive sites in Florida Keys. Home to thousands of yellowtail snappers, the actual reef is hidden underneath the live curtain of fish. This location is known to be a cleaning spot for groupers and snappers, as well as a resting station for many nurse sharks.

The French Reef offers the opportunity to explore the many natural caves and tunnels in Florida Keys. It is home to healthy and preserved elkhorn coral, as well as colorful Christmas tree worms and other sea life typical to Florida Keys. Other top scuba diving sites in Florida are Molasses Reef, home of the world famous Winch Hole and Hole in the Wall, and Spiegel Grove – a 510 foot vessel, intentionally sunken to become home to many deep sea creatures and forming a coral reef. The last premier dive spot is usually accessible to more experienced sportsman as the current is strong and variable. Islamorada Islands offer also fantastic diving adventures and are well known vacation destinations in Florida. Along with the 10 most popular scuba dive sites presented above, Florida Keys features hundreds of other wonderful places for immersion, so it are some of the most visited attractions amongst divers in USA and people booking vacations in Key West and Key Largo.

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