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Stunning and welcoming Cyprus is an excellent choice for a diving vacation. There are plenty of great areas and towns near some excellent dive sites, and many visitors like to couple a diving break with the great nightlife that Ayia Napa has to offer. Situated on the east coast and boasting beautiful beaches, including the wonderful Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa is a favored vacation destination with some great diving opportunities available. The town also boasts quite a number of dive schools, so beginners and intermediates alike can practice their skills under the supervision of the most experienced divers on the island. The wonderful climate permits year-round diving in the warm waters of the Mediterranean around Ayia Napa, and the excellent restaurants and nightlife on offer in one of Europe's most famous party towns will ensure there is plenty to too when divers get out of the water after a hard days diving.

Many beginners start at the many shallow dive sites with warm clear waters that exist off the coast of Ayia Napa. Green Bay is a good place to start, with a depth of no more than ten meters, before practicing new found skills at the welcoming Kermia Beach dive for a first glimpse of the local fish to be found in the area. Ayia Traiada is also a great site for beginners at 26 feet (8 meters) in depth with interesting rocks, local fish and perhaps even a few octopi. Once their skills are honed, intermediate divers can take in the Caves that has some lovely coral and a depth of almost 40 feet (12 meters), or the Cyclops, which is teeming with natural life and sponges. De Costa Bay also makes for some easy diving, as does The Chapel, which goes down to 98 feet (30 meters).

The most experienced (or perhaps just the qualified!) divers will want to try the challenging Canyon dive that is full of local sea life and rock formations, and the Blue Hole, which is full of twists and turns. There is also the fascinating Zenobia wreck, a brand new passenger ferry that developed a water intake problem and sank in 1980. Luckily, all the passengers and crew had been evacuated, but the ship contained plenty of cargo as well as lives animals whose bones and remains can be seen during the dive. It is not far from Ayia Napa, located off the coast of nearby Larnaca, but is only for the very experienced. Overall, Ayia Napa offers a great range of natural dive sites for all abilities to explore while holidays in Cyprus. These great sites, along with excellent weather and conditions mean Ayia Napa is sure to be a great place for scuba diving vacations.

Given that Ayia Napa is not only a great place for diving, but also a top tourist destination on the island of Cyprus, it is no surprise that there is plenty of accommodation and resorts at which to stay in the area. There are plenty of resorts catering to package holiday tourists, including a wide selection of self-catering apartments, such as the Paul Marie Hotel Apartments and the Bellini Bungalows, which is perfect for all the family. Macronissios Village Club is a perfect option if tourists are looking for entertainment within a traditional local setting and stunning views. Those with a bit larger vacation budget can take their pick from a number of luxury hotels and resorts like the Adams Beach Hotel or perhaps the Mon Repos Resort. Whatever the holiday budget or preference, there is plenty of accommodation available for everyone, so dive vacations in Ayia Napa are not just memorable, but also affordable.

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