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This tiny country on the edges of the Caribbean is the perfect place for a diving vacation. English is the official language, so there is no problem getting around, and the awesome Belize Barrier Reef (the second biggest on the planet) makes for some great diving sites around the 200-mile coral reef and around 450 small islands. The sheer amount of interesting and beautiful dive sites around Belize ensures there is something for everyone and great diving for all abilities. The climate in this small country is also perfect for diving throughout the year, with limited disruption to the sites during the rainy season. However, the very best time to go diving in Belize is the late spring and early summer. With great scenery, excellent weather and clear and colorful waters, a scuba diving vacation in Belize is sure to be great, no matter what sites are visit.

In Belize is a great variety of dive sites, some boasting amazing coral formations, others being more famous for the fish that gather in the area. Some are particularly challenging, others are easy enough to enable beginners and intermediate divers to enjoy the scenery. May divers head to Ambergris Caye in a bid to explore the very best sites Belize has to offer. The whole area is filled with life and coral, and is in close proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef. At the south of Ambergris, divers will be able to dive in the great Hol Chan Reserve, which boasts all the varieties of corals that exist in the region as well as turtles and sea horses. Others prefer the Tres Cocos site, which is spectacular and full of fish, sponges and coral, as well as crabs and eels. Tres Cocos goes down to about 100 feet (30 meters), and is a perfect site for beginners.

Divers with a bit more experience can try the Tackle Box Canyons, which is full of caves and tunnels, as well as plenty of sea life at the top of the dive. The whole area is an excellent photo opportunity for the intermediate diver. The very experienced can try their hand at the Punta Arena Canyons, although they may need additional training before getting in the waters, especially if the weather has taken a turn. The deep caverns, tunnels and caves make this dive particularly challenging, especially when using the narrow passages. After a few days diving, many like to try a shark experience at Shark Rey Alley. Divers will get the chance to touch the perfectly safe nurse sharks that are found in the area. There are also stingrays and an old wreck that makes for some interesting dive. As a result, there is something to explore for everyone while scuba diving vacations in Belize.

Many visitors to Belize who come to dive will stay on Ambergris. The town of San Pedro enables easy access to the Belize Barrier Reef just half a mile off shore, and is a popular diving town where people get around on golf cart! There are plenty of resorts and hotels, including the budget Coral Beach Hotel, as well as independent self-catering apartments for hire at the Coral Bay Villas or the Corona Del Mar.. Some of the best-rated resorts include the Banana Beach Resort and the Tropical Beach Resort, which offer plenty of activities for all the family. Those looking for a bit of added luxury during their vacation in Belize might want to try hotels and resorts like the Belizean Reef Luxury Beachfront Suites or the Royal Caribbean . Whatever the budget or vacation preference, there is something for everyone near the best diving sites in the Caribbean.

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