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Costa Rica, considered the "greenest country" on the planet, is quickly becoming one of the most sought-out vacation destinations in the world. The unique eco-system, spectacular scenery and endless amount of adventurous and heart-pounding things to do make it a vacationers dream. The area known as the Caribbean Side of Costa Rica is just as spectacular as the rest of the country, but has another main draw: scuba diving. The main attractions for divers to Costa Rica are the abundance of wildlife and very warm and clear waters. One of the best locations to scuba dive on the Caribbean coast is "Cahuita", which is a beautiful and large reef extending out from the Cahuita Point. There, scuba divers will marvel at 35 different coral varieties, explore the remains of two shipwrecks and see over 500 species of fish. Limon, Puerto Viejo and Tortuguero are also popular dive sites on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Diving companies may not be as numerous on the Caribbean side as they are on the Pacific side, but there are still many offering attractive dive trips. The fact that there are fewer companies means fewer divers and a quieter and less crowded diving experience whereas the Pacific Coast is more advertised and gets the bulk of the tourists who visit the country. There is one particular Costa Rica Caribbean dive package available in Puerto Viejo. This package encompasses five nights accommodation at Azania Bungalows, three full-day dives and one dolphin spot dive. Included in the price of $590.00 are lunches, fruits, beverages, guides and all the necessary equipment one needs to enjoy a safe dive. While diving in the area, visitors can expect to see many things including turtles, sharks, whales, manta rays, dolphins, eels, many species of tropical fish, shipwrecks and wrecks, reefs and caverns.

Although Costa Rica does not have any companies that offer submarine tours like some of the other popular destinations in the Caribbean, visitors who do not scuba dive can still have the opportunity to see the spectacular sights underwater. "Cahuita Adventure Tours and Attractions" offers boat tours in a glass-bottom boat so non-divers can see what goes on beneath the waves. This company also offers many other excursions including snorkeling trips and jungle tours.

The best way for visitors to remain close to their dive sites at all times is to reserve a resort or hotel that is close to the coastline. While staying at a hotel inland, one may still be close to dive sites, but it may mean having to find transportation and it will take more time to get there. Le Cameleon in Puerto Viejo is located right in the middle of a unique Caribbean culture center surrounded by beautiful, white sandy beaches. Coco Loco Lounge offers various amenities such as hammocks, a swimming pool and beautiful gardens where one can relax after a long day. The Pachira Lodge is near the "National Park of Tortuguero" and is surrounded by a network of scenic canals in an area thought by many to be the most exotic locale in the world. The Laguna Lodge Tortuguero is in the Northern Caribbean zone that is a popular nesting ground for green sea turtle. The Tortuga Lodge and Gardens is near the port town of Limon on the Northeast Caribbean coast in an area that is home to beautiful rainforests and tropical rivers. All of these hotels and resorts are close to scuba diving and snorkeling areas, and to other water activities that visitors can avail of during their vacations in Costa Rica.

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