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The Caribbean Sea has many jewels but Cozumel, off the coast of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, is one-of-kind. There, scuba divers will find some of the best scuba diving, not only in Mexico, but also in the entire world and it is centered on one of the world's most extraordinary under-water reefs. Cozumel may not be a very big place, but is a perfect place for scuba diving vacations since it has a very built-up tourist industry focusing mainly on the exquisite diving. In addition, there are many dive companies ready to serve beginner and advanced divers alike. Pro Dive Mexico is a fully loaded scuba diving company with its own boats and full staff that lead tours to Cozumel Marine Park where divers see reefs and amazing coral formations surrounded by manta rays and various species of sharks. Dimi Scuba Tours takes divers on day excursions to popular areas, but also offers night dives, wreck dives and drift diving tours. Diving Adventures offers fun, safe dives to sportsman of all skill levels to various reefs and dive sites surrounding the island. Aqua Safari is the oldest dive company on Cozumel and they also offer a variety of accommodations to suit any budget making it easy to book a dive/hotel package. Blue Angel Scuba and Cabalito del Caribe are two other well-know diving companies on the island that take visitors to various dive sites in the region.

There is no shortage of excellent diving sites off Cozumel. Barracuda Reef on the north end of the island has currents that attract reef sharks and eagle rays. San Juan Reef is a great location to view coral and barrel sponges. Villa Blanca Shallows is a great first dive for beginners and is a fantastic place to view spotted golden-tail eels and green moray. Paradise Shallows is home to lobster and octopus, and is also a very good location to watch the annual coral spawning, which typically occurs at night. Las Palmas Walls is located in fairly calm waters where can be viewed seahorse and the night diving is particularly spectacular. Punta Tunich has a ridge of coral that rises from a sandy bottom and turtles are often spotted in the nearby sea grass. Punta Sur is a location best left to experienced divers because of exposure to prevailing trade winds, but for those who can manage it, is a spectacular dive through coral tunnels that lead to a sunlit opening where is a large cave full of giant sponges.

Visitors who want to see what lurks beneath the waters surrounding the island of Cozumel, but do not like to dive, there is available a very popular tour that can fulfill this desire. Atlantis Submarines offers a submarine tour for the low price of just $98.00. Included in the cost is the 40 minute trip to depths of 100 feet (30 meters), complimentary rum or fruit punch and dive certificate. After a ferry ride along western coast of Cozumel, the journey takes visitors to Chankannaab, which is a protected marine park where are coral reefs and many species of various fish and marine life.

Visitors planning to stay on the island of Cozumel for the duration of their scuba diving vacations in Mexico are in close proximity to all dive sites in the area, regardless of the position of hotels and resorts where they book accommodation. The Park Royal Cozumel Hotel is close to downtown San Miguel and has four pools, a health club and three restaurants. The Aura Cozumel Grand Resort is a waterfront property with two restaurants and a pool-side bar. Cozumel Hotel and Resort is home to a private beach club and offers convenient access to the second largest coral reef in the world. Hotel B Cozumel has guest rooms with balconies and wireless Internet, and is close to Isla de Pasion. Casa del Mar Cozumel has on-site diving along with other vacation activities such as tennis, and is close to many popular beaches. Other hotels and resorts that are located near dive sites in Cozumel Island include Suites Bahia, Playa Azul, Coral Princess Hotel and Resort, and the Flamingo Hotel.

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