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The waters surrounding Grand Bahama Island are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and generally enjoying the fabulous weather. The towns boast great vacation facilities and a wealth of activities, and the diving schools throughout the island cater to all abilities and levels, ensuring safe learning experiences for beginners and more challenging dives for experienced divers. The barrier reef drops away to a steep wall drop, and the warm clear waters prove excellent homes to a variety of fish and marine life. On top of this, the cleanliness of the area ensures great visibility most of the year round, meaning divers will be able to get some excellent photos as they take advantage of the various dive sites in the area. There is no wonder that the island of Grand Bahama is well known as a great sport for diving vacations. Read on to discover some of the best sites in the area!

Beginners will not be short of choice when it comes to learning to dive or practicing their new found skills in the waters off the island. A number of shallow dive sites exist which are perfect for newbie, including the fabulous Pillar Castle that boasts tall coral and selection fish. There is also the Rainbow Reef, which is full of life, caves and coral. The Sea Hunt and Black Beard's Springs are other shallow dives suitable for beginners, as is the Treasure Reef was the site of an early treasure discovery in the 1960s and is bursting with color. Those with slightly more developed skills and intermediate level divers can try some of the mid-level sites. These include Etheridge Wreck, which used to be a vehicle freighter and was sunk in a bid to attract marine life, and Arrow Point. There's also Spid City, which boasts an old sunken plane, home to the odd shark.

The most advanced divers have their own sites to explore in the waters off Grand Bahama. These include some that go to over 100 feet deep and are home to sharks and turtles. There's the fantastic Theo's Wreck that has been lying on the ocean floor since the early eighties. Interestingly, divers can enter the ship and head into the engine room. Littlehales Lair boasts 2 small lairs full of fish and Jose's Wreck, where a small tub boat lies covered with crabs and lobsters. The numerous different dive sites on Grand Bahama ensure there is definitely something for all divers of varying abilities. Plenty of challenging dives coupled with shallow easy trips will provide satisfaction during a scuba diving vacation in Grand Bahama, and the resorts in the area offer the best activities and nightlife, so travelers planning vacations to Caribbean should take a break in Bahamas and enjoy the best that Grand Bahama Island has to offer.

For the many tourists staying on the island of Grand Bahama, there is plenty of accommodation from which to choose. Some prefer to stay in large, all inclusive resorts, which enable the most dedicated divers to focus wholly on perfecting their skills and seeing as many sites as possible. Grand Bahama offers this all inclusive vacation facility at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort. Others who want to remain close to the beach can stay at a number of waterfront properties on the island. Such beach hotels include the Radisson or the Lucaya Reef Village. There are also tourists who prefer to hire their own apartments or luxury villas for added independence during their vacation on the island of Grand Bahama. However, whatever accommodation is chosen, it is guaranteed that visitors to Grand Bahama are sure to have a great diving vacation!

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