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Cyprus is for many a great year round vacation destination, and divers especially will revel in the chance to do some winter diving in waters that rarely dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) during the coolest months. The city of Larnaca offers some great diving in the area, including the world famous Zenobia wreck amongst others, coupled with excellent nightlife, restaurants and a high standard of accommodation and activities for all the family. The clear beaches, safe and calm waters and great visibility ensure that diving in Larnaca is a great opportunity for beginners, intermediates and advanced divers alike. It is also the perfect base for exploring many other dive sites on the island, such as those in Paphos and Ayia Napa. Add to this some excellent weather and welcoming, friendly locals, and tourists have the perfect ingredients for excellent scuba diving vacations off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus.

Many experienced divers come to Larnaca looking for one thing only - challenging diving at the world famous Zenobia Wreck. A fascinating wreck and dive site, this brand new passenger and car ferry developed a water intake problem and sank in 1980 after repeated attempts to repair the ship. Luckily, all the passengers and crew had been evacuated, but the ships contained plenty of cargo as well as live animals whose bones and remains can be seen during the dive. The Zenobia is known worldwide for its diving challenges, and those with the best qualifications can take themselves into the car deck or perhaps even the lower car deck and sleeping quarters. It is not for the light hearted, but it is definitely worth it to see this well-preserved wreck full of the belongings and remains of those members of the crew and engineering team who managed to make it off in time!

The diving sites in Larnaca are not limited to the Zenobia however, and there is plenty on offer for the less experienced divers or those looking for a less challenging dive. Mushroom Rocks and Octopus Reef are particular favorites, as is the other wreck in the area - the HMS Cricket, which is an old gun boat dating back to the Second World War that was sunk by the British in 1947, lying face down on the sea bed. Those looking for a pleasant dive with an abundance of natural sea life and colorful growths on the rocks can try Sheep Dip, which will also offer great photo opportunities and perhaps a sighting of the many octopus who live in its depths. Those who like these eight limbed under water creatures may want to try Octopus Reef for a better chance of spotting one! Whatever the preference, the varied dive sites of Larnaca have something to offer all tastes and abilities.

There are plenty of places to stay in Larnaca, given that the city is a favored holiday amongst many Europeans and those from further afield. Those looking for easy relaxing vacations will probably want to try one of the resort complexes, although the best are situated further east towards Ayia Napa. There are however plenty of apart hotels in Larnaca itself, such as the Lucky Hotel Apartments or the Hotel Cactus for those on a budget. If there is more money to be spent, then tourists should try the Petrou Apart Hotel, the Amorgos Boutique Hotel or perhaps a treat at the fancy Golden Bay Beach Hotel. Either way, there is no problem finding somewhere to stay while scuba diving vacations in Larnaca, one of the tourist gems in Cyprus.

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