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Diving in Cyprus is a real treat, given that the weather conditions are perfect throughout the year and that diving is even possible in the winter months thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate, which keeps the sea temperatures at around 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) in December. The calm waters are not affected by any tides and offer great places to dive for beginners and intermediates, and there are plenty of great dive sites for the more experienced. The wonderful city of Limassol is a very popular vacation destination for those wanting to dive in Cyprus, given its easy accessibility, great nightlife and accommodations. Diving in the many dive sites off the coast of Cyprus' second largest city will open your eyes to a wonderful selection of sea life and natural colourful surroundings on offer in these calm waters. There are plenty of dive schools in the city, as well as shops selling and renting equipment, so beginners and divers that are more experienced are well catered for.

There is plenty of interesting dive sites in Limassol, many of which are actually wrecks resting on the seabed. These include the Copper Wreck which is an old British vessel teeming with fish and other sea life. The Three Stars Ship is another wreck which offers great diving for all abilities in this old ship that caught on fire and sank back in the early 1970s. It is safe to access and a great dive site! Beginners looking to get their first taste of a wreck dive would do well to try the MV Habe that is an old barge at about 30 feet (9 meters), resting against the wall of the port in Limassol. Finally, the MY Diana is another wreck, this time a wealthy Russian's yacht which sank in the 90's, and is suitable for more experienced divers looking to get some great shots of the many fish and other sea life that live in the wreck.

Those who prefer to focus more on scenery than wrecks will not be spoilt for choice in Limassol. There is a nice archway site named Archway and Pinnacle which is packed full of different species and natural life. In the area are also some interesting rocks formations supposed to be caves that contain tombs, although it is not possible to say certainly. The Twin Rocks also boast some caves and a variety of fish species, while the Akrotiri Fish Reserve is the place to dive to catch all the native sea life of the area concentrated in one place. In area of Limassol are plenty of diving sites that cater to beginners, given the gentle sloping sandy sites, as well as more challenging dives with steep drop off, caverns and passageway. In fact, Limassol is the perfect vacation place to dive for those wishing to experience a wide variety of different sites, whatever the ability.

The popularity of Limassol as a tourist destination means there are plenty of hotels, resorts and accommodations in the area. All inclusive resorts such as Club Aphrodite or the Estella Hotel Apartments offer food and entertainments, as well as fully serviced rooms. For those who want a little more independence, there is plenty of self-catering apartment complexes available too, such as the Palm Hotel Apartments or the Blue Crane Hotel Apartments. Moreover, for that little bit of luxury, there is plenty of choice in Limassol. Tourists looking for spoiling vacations can stay at the luxurious 5-star Amathus Beach Hotel with its own private beach, or perhaps the wonderful Grand Resort. Others still will prefer to rent their own private villa in the beautiful surrounding countryside, complete with private pool. Actually, there is plenty of lodging choice in Limassol for those looking to take relaxing scuba diving vacations in Cyprus to practice their skills.

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