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Diving vacations in Jamaica are very rewarding since the waters from there offer some great scuba diving sites, and Montego Bay does not disappoint. Affectionately known as MoBay, the area's best diving can be accomplished in the Montego Bay Marine Park, which boasts a number of interesting dive sites. MoBay Marine Park is a designated area of protected waters with its own management team, ensuring that the area remains undamaged by fishing, diving and tourism. Montego Bay is a great place for diving for all abilities, with shallow safe waters and coral suitable for beginners, as well areas for the more experienced. There are plenty of dive schools in the vacation place offering beginners and advanced courses, as well as some excellent sites for exploration. The surrounding area boasts some great hotels and resort facilities, as well as non-diving activities, and ensures that there is something for everyone in this top Jamaican vacation destination. Read on to discover more about them!

Montego Bay is a fantastic vacation destination where divers of all abilities can enjoy a variety of sites. Firstly, there are the shallow, easy dives in waters ranging from 13 feet (4 meters) up to just under 32 feet (10 meters). The more experienced have up to 98 feet (30 meters) of depth to play with, with steep drops and interesting scenery, including well preserved coral and plenty of colorful sponges set in blue and green waters. Some of the best diving in Jamaica can be found in Montego Bay, including the spectacular Widow Maker dive site. Suitable for only very experienced divers, this world famous site includes a tunnel that goes under the reef and a long steep drop to 88 feet (27 meters). Once in the site, divers will marvel at the many different types of fish in the reef, as well as the fabulously colored coral in this famous cave, before heading back up the vertical climb up to the surface.

Other more experienced divers may want to try Basket Reef, which has a scary drop of up to 150 feet! It is claimed that many have seen turtles and dolphins on occasion, amongst the basket sponges and other exotic fish. There is also the Cayman Trench wall, whose drop is an unfathomable 450 feet, and is full of an explosion of color and brilliant coral, and the Arena dive. Beginners can practice their new found diving techniques at the variety of easier and safer dives, including the Doctor's Reef Cave and the shallow Airport Finger Reef, before moving to the intermediate level dive site of the Point Reef. Those looking to see a flash of color and plenty of marine life should check out the Chubb Reef, which is bursting with loads of different native species. Proof that Montego Bay offers something for all abilities and preferences!

The area around Montego Bay is a prime Jamaican vacation resort and there is plenty of investment being pumped into the area in a bid to keep it that way. There are loads of hotels and resorts at which to stay, offering excellent prices and facilities for deluxe vacations. Tourists visiting Jamaica for a scuba diving vacation are advised to stay in one of the many hotels and all inclusive resorts set along the shoreline for easy access to the many sites and dive schools. May prefer to spend the day diving with the reassurance that they'll be returning to an all inclusive resort, where there's noting more to do in the evening than to sit back and relax after a hard day's exercise. Some of the preferred hotels in the area are the Sunset Beach Resort Spa, which offers sports, drinks and meals as part of the all inclusive vacation deal, or the luxury Secrets Wild Orchard for sheer relaxation and spoiling facilities.

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