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Greece is a favorite vacation destination amongst many European tourists, and increasingly with those from further afield. The warm summer waters, great weather and lovely locals ensure the Greek islands are top tourist sites, whatever leisure activities are on the agenda! The island of Mykonos is one such beautiful island, with quaint white village houses, blue domed churches and locals going about their daily business. The island is famous with the international jet set and luxury voyagers who come for the great hotels, restaurants and entertainment. For those looking for great scuba diving vacations with excellent dive sites, instructors and amenities, then Mykonos should surely too the list amongst dive sites on the many Greek Islands. The dive schools are world class, with knowledgeable and friendly instructors, and the unique and interesting sites themselves welcome thousands of visitors every year.

Beginners can start their diving vacation in Mykonos at the Paradise Reef, which is a gently dive suitable for those looking to practice and hone their new found skills. Divers can descend in depths from 16 feet (5 meters) up to 100 feet (30 meters) and will be able to feed the many friendly fish and take some excellent photos. Paradise Reef is truly one of the best locations in Mykonos to start a diving holiday! Likewise, Super Paradise Reef is teeming with sea life including octopus and the odd lobster, making for great photo opportunities and sheltered diving even in the rougher weather that sometimes hits the island. Other interesting dive sites in the area include the Virgin Reef and the Kalo Rocks, both of which are great places to dive.

If wrecks are more interesting, then Mykonos has plenty. The Peloponisis wreck is a great find. The Greek ship has sunken before the WW II and is mostly in good condition, ensuring an excellent dive. If the weather is poor, it is not possible to access the wreck, so ensure there are good conditions before heading off. The wreck has been there a long time, and as a result is teeming with lots of different local species of fish and sea life. Elsewhere, the Anna II wreck is also a treat for divers who have had a little more practice than the beginners. Located at about 100 feet (30 meters) depth, the shipwreck is home to plenty of marine life and was a former cement freighter that sank in the mid 90's. It is an interesting dive for the more advanced scuba diver along with the dive master.

The island of Mykonos may have a very small population, but it is full of many accommodation options in luxury resorts and hotels catering to many budgets and preferences. Top of the range boutique hotels abound, catering for those looking for an extra special break. Villas are plentiful, as are privately hired apartments in the town center, also called Mykonos. Budget travelers can stay in the Rania Apartments or the Anamar Hotel. For standard 3-star hotel accommodation, divers can try the Matogianni Hotel for some great comfort and amenities. Those looking to make their scuba diving vacations on Mykonos a luxury break with all the trimmings may want to check in to the Rocabella Art Hotel and Spa, the Leto Hotel and the beautiful Harmony Boutique Hotel at the old port. In fact, Mykonos has plenty of great lodging and entertainment on offer, the only trouble is choosing where to stay!

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