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The area of Negril in Jamaica is famous for its long clean beach, and is a popular vacation resort in the area. Connected directly to the more famous Montego Bay by coastal road, the resort is expanding and becoming a real alternative to the more popular vacation destinations elsewhere on the island. Negril is less developed for scuba diving than other tourist sites in Jamaica, but has an untouched charm that attracts many visitors. Like the surrounding waters of Montego Bay, Negril too boasts a marine preservation area, which ensures an abundance of natural plants and fish at the main dive sites, including eels, coral and exotic fish. The West End Road area in the south of the resort boasts some excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities, as do the waters off the famous long beach, which is known as the 7-mile Beach. Negril is a perfect area for scuba diving vacations in Jamaica, given that the waters are safe and calm.

Once in Negril, divers of all abilities can enjoy the clear waters and the abundant colorful species that inhabit them. The waters surrounding the resort are full of caves, wrecks and reefs, ensuring visitors some of the best diving on the island, whatever their abilities. Some of the more interesting include the Deep Plane - a tiny one engine plane resting 90 feet down that is teeming with coral, sponge and barracuda - and the nearby Arches, whose tops are covered with colorful plants and sponges and surrounded by stingrays. There is also the Shallow Plane, another plane wreck, as well as the wreck of the Blue Castle ship, and the Bond. Scuba divers should not miss the stunning Throne Room, which is accessible at 38 feet and is largely enclosed and full of lobster and fish, as well as King Fish Point with its beautiful coral and splendid colors.

The seas off Negril also boast the splendid forty million year caves, as well as the Sands Club with its brilliant sights looking down into the deep beyond, and Spadefish Reef. Thanks to the work of the Negril Marine Park, the majority of these dive sites are well preserved and their continued maintenance will ensure enjoyment of these great sights for years to come. The local dive schools are well equipped to deal with any beginners' fears and the more experienced divers demand for thrilling diving and constant challenges. Couple this with some excellent marine life and the varied and interesting dive sites available, as well as the fabulous hotels along the coastline, and it is obvious that Negril is an excellent spot for diving at all levels of ability. As a result, Negril is a real alternative to the more popular vacation resorts on the island of Jamaica.

There are plenty of great hotels and all inclusive resorts in the area, including the large-scale commercial hotels along the famous beach, and the more intimate vacation accommodations towards the south along the West End Road. After a hard day of scuba diving, it is great to come to a well-maintained and serviced hotel and have food ready prepared and entertainment on tap! Tourists can choose between the all inclusive RIU Palace Tropical Hotel or the Breezes Grand Resort for luxury and simplicity. Others may prefer a little more independence during their diving vacation, and can rent a number of luxury or simple villas and cottages along the coast, including the Paradise Lagoon Cottages or the Carib Beach Apartments. This will enable many to enjoy a local dive coupled with a real insight into local life. Whatever the accommodation choice in Negril, visitors will be sure of a great, sunny diving vacation in Jamaica!

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