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Oahu is a Hawaiian island known as the gathering place and for divers from all over the world, it is a very popular gathering place for both pros and novices. Professional divers get a taste of a unique underwater world that is not seen anywhere else and new divers get the ultimate first-dive experience that may very well never compare to any future dives they embark on. The island is home to almost a million people, but it still has plenty of space for the droves of tourists who flock there every year for diving vacations. Crowds are unheard of and the locals are more than inviting to every person who visits Oahu. Many spectacular dive sites await divers offshore. The Corsair Wreck and China Wall Drift is one of the deepest wrecks in the area where travelers can dive around a WW2 era plane and see an underwater field of garden eels. The Baby Barge and Fantasy Reef is an upright wreck with colourful coral all around it in only forty-five feet of water. Angler's Reef and Koko Craters is a group of circular ledges where one can see rare Potter's angelfish. On the West side of the island, divers chose from many dive sites including The Mahi Wreck and Mahaka Caverns, Black Rock, Land of Oz and Kaena Point. In the North, Skark's Cove, The Table and &quoty;The Trench are most popular with divers. Other popular dives located in various parts of Oahu include Airplane Ledge, Hambone, Sea Tiger and Twin Caves.

Many companies on Oahu provide services to divers including excursions to both popular and harder to get to sites. Aaron's Dive Shop offers various chartered dives and flexibility to customers when it comes to where they go, how they get there and how a dive will happen. Aqua Zone Scuba Diving and Water Sports Center offers free scuba lessons, beginner dives and multi-day dive packages to the best dive sites. Honolulu Scuba Company offers night dives and private charters for divers who are not partial to guided tours but need a boat a get to where they want to do! Alex's Aquatic Adventures takes divers to an area off the coast of Waikiki where one sees over two-hundred species of tropical fish and other marine life. Pearl Harbour Divers offers daily chartered tours to all sides of the island and also offer night diving tours. Other companies of interest include Rainbow Scuba, Ocean Legends, Hawaii Nautical, and Surf and Sea.

Scuba diving is not for everyone, but everyone certainly deserves to see the intriguing things that lurk beneath the surface of the ocean. For those wishing to see these things without having to suit up and immerse themselves in the water, there is a special tour geared towards people interested in seeing what divers see. Atlantis Submarines in Waikiki, the premier vacation place in Oahu, offers two types of dive tours - premium and original. The Premium Tour takes passengers on the dive of a lifetime aboard of a high-tech submarine with larger viewing decks to nearby dive sites. The Original Tour is provided on a smaller passenger submarine, but all the other features remain the same. Both diving trips are about forty-five minutes long with a friendly and informative crew there to answer any questions about the surrounding waters, the area and anything seen during the dive.

Finding a place to stay in Oahu that is also close to major dive sites is not hard. Turtle Bay Resort located in Kawela Bay is close to beaches, hiking and biking trails, and is only forty-five minutes away from Honolulu. The Kahala Beach Resort is located near a lagoon where one can view dolphins and other marine life and is close to many other hot spots in the Honolulu area. Waikiki Resort and Hotel has a pool and mini spa and many other amenities to make a visit comfortable. Waikiki Beach Marriott and Resort is located in the heart of the Polynesian culture center and is surrounded by stunning scenery. All of these hotels and beach resorts and many more are located close to popular dive sites on Oahu and are excellent places for unforgettable diving vacations in Hawaii.

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