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Located on the eastern coast of Thailand, Pattaya is a beach resort town that is quickly becoming known in the diving world as a premier location for exquisite scuba diving vacations in unique and one-of-a-kind diving sites. With three seasons, two of which are suitable for tourists and diving, and calm, clear waters most of the year, the best time to travel there for a dive experience is between November and May. The average cost of a dive in Pattaya is $37.00, making it a very affordable diving location and there are more than fifteen accessible wreck and reef dives in the region. Koh Rin is said to be one of the top dive sites in Pattaya. This site is home to both soft and hard coral, eels and sharks. Koh Klung Baden is a great place to see staghorn and table coral along with many species of fish and marine life. Sponge encrusted rocks and star coral are frequently spotted at Koh Luam. The HTMS Kood is a wreck dive serving as an artificial reef for various sea creatures and The Bremen is another wreck dive home to large eagle rays.

More than twenty companies in Pattaya offer scuba diving trips for visitors who prefer the safety of guided tours to unfamiliar territory. Aquanauts Dive Center is a great place to start for beginners who want to learn how to dive or even for more advanced divers who would like to learn more through various courses that they offer. Daily tours bring divers to sites such as the Near Islands, the Far Islands and a number of wrecks. They also offer various types including deep dives, drift dives and reef dives. Mermaids Scuba Diving Center offers diving vacations, diving lessons and daily dive tours to popular dive sites such as the Far Islands and the HTMS Khram shipwreck. Pattaya Diving offers personal service with an excellent safety record for divers of all skill levels. Adventure Divers Pattaya is specialized in wreck diving, but also offers scuba classes for all skill levels and tours to various types of dive sites. Pattaya Dive Center offers various levels of training including specialized training and daily dive trips to a reef and two wreck sites.

Scuba diving vacations in Pattaya open up a completely new world to divers wishing to see a variety of sea life unique to the region. While diving, tourists can expect to see various species of rays, eels, coral, small fish and larger species such as sharks, whales and dolphins. Underwater plant life is abundant and there are many caves, caverns, wrecks and natural and human-made reefs. For visitors wishing to see these sights without actually going scuba diving, there is a submarine tour that takes them below the sea in a safe, dry environment. The Thai Submarine Tour departs the Balihai Pier by boat to the sub where visitors embark on a thirty-minute tour. There are also various companies in Pattaya that offer glass-bottom boat tours allowing non-divers to see most of what divers see beneath the waves.

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is a great place to start and end a scuba diving vacation in Pattaya. With great rates for rooms, a swimming pool, spectacular ocean views, a tea-tree spa and fitness center, everything one needs for a comfortable stay is nearby. Many other great places to stay are also close to diving areas. The Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel overlooking a beach and is centrally located to all the other popular vacation sites that visitors may want to see. The Sheraton Pattaya Resort has a spa and fitness center and is close to a few golf courses.

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