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The beautiful Phi Phi Islands are a great spot for scuba diving vacations in Thailand. With gorgeous long beaches, stunning cliffs and wonderful scenery, the Phi Phi Islands have it all. There are many islands in the group; most containing the Malay word Phi Phi in their name, and each with their own charms and unique features that make a diving vacation on Phi Phi perfect! The weather patterns throughout the year mean that each dive site has its own particular features, and it is possible to dive at the many sites around the island throughout the year, as water temperatures hover at a fantastic warm 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) all year round! Even so, most tourists prefer however to check out these great dive sites in the spring, when conditions are at their very best and visibility very good.

It is possible to dive on the Phi Phi islands during monsoon season, but submarine explorers should bear in mind that visibility will be reduced and some sites may not be accessible due to inclement weather. But all in all, Phi Phi is a great all round diving destination in Thailand, and a number of dive schools on each island cater to the thousands of tourists who wish to try their hand at scuba diving in a tropical climate in Thailand every year alone. Such schools cater to beginners and intermediates, offering lessons and basic training, as well as refresher courses. They also have professional guides offering courses to the most experienced divers. The range of dive sites on the island will then be able to cater to all divers of all skills, with a variety if challenging sites and easier dives for those with less experience. This large variety is one of the reasons why diving vacations in Phi Phi Islands are so popular.

Easier dives include those sites around the Koh Bida Nok Island, and sister island Koh Bida Nai. There, beginners will be able to practice their newfound skills in the shallow waters around the island, before trying one of the more challenging drops down to over 30 feet (9 meters). It is a great place for seeing some marine life, including various tame sharks and turtles, as well as colorful coral formations that will give those divers with a camera some great photos. Likewise, the shallow and easy waters of Losamah Bay are also perfect for safe and easy dives for all abilities while scuba diving vacations in Phi Phi Islands. Those looking for some huge fish and great sites can try the famous Hin Daeng and Hin Muang reefs that offer some stunning views and beautiful coral; divers are advised to watch out for the sharks there! Moreover, if sharks are travelers' thing, they should head to Phi Phi Shark Point for a really thrilling vacation experience.

This popular vacation destination for divers and sightseer alike boasts any number of great hotels and places to stay for all budgets and tastes. Those on a budget will find a wide range of well-priced hotels including the Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort and the Anita Resort, both of which provide all the necessary facilities at a very reasonable price. For those looking for a mid range option, there is the Rimlay Resort, as well as the Bamboo Mountain View Resort. In addition, those looking for a bit of luxury, or perhaps a little romance, can choose from the fantastic high-end hotels on the islands, including the Phi Phi Island Village Resort or the Zeavola Resort. Others may prefer to rent their own villa or bungalow for added independence. No matter what budget, there is something for everyone while scuba diving vacations on these beautiful islands in Thailand.

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