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Cyprus is a long favored scuba diving vacation destination amongst Europeans and even those from further away. The island boasts plenty of great diving scenery, marine life and wrecks from which to choose. Amongst the many rewarding diving resorts on the wonderful Mediterranean, island of Cyprus is Protaras. With warm clear waters year round, top diving sites in the vicinity and excellent instruction from the many diving schools, a large number of travelers choose Protaras as their holiday destination throughout the year. Situated in the southeast of the island of Cyprus, the resort of Protaras is also a favorite amongst those with young families and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Staying in Protaras will ensure visitors of all the best aspects of Cyprus - the friendly locals, great food and wonderful beaches (not to mention the excellent weather) which, when coupled with the top quality dive sites in the area, make for perfect scuba diving vacations.

Protaras is a great place to begin to learn to dive, with the warm and clear waters providing an excellent place for instruction by the many qualified dive school instructors in the area. One of the most famous wrecks in the world is situated not far from the Protaras resort - The Zenobia is a fascinating wreck and dive site, and a brand new passenger and car ferry which developed a water intake problem and sank in 1980. The ships contained plenty of cargo as well as live animals whose bones and remains can be seen during the dive. Those with the best qualifications can take themselves into the car deck or perhaps even the lower car deck and sleeping quarters. It is definitely worth it to see this well-preserved wreck full of the belongings and remains of those members of the crew and engineering team who managed to make it off in time!

Others prefer to stick a little closer to the resort and head to The Caves. Only ten minutes from the town, The Caves are full of tunnels, holes and dark crevasses going to a depth of around 40 feet (12 meters). Here, divers of all abilities can practice their tricks and moves, and see some interesting sea creatures including octopus and other native fish. Diving along the shore is also popular while vacation in Protaras, with shallow and deeper dive sites such as Green Bay and The Canyon offering lots of marine life and ample photo possibilities, while the deeper waters are excellent for more experienced divers. Easy Bay and Manta Bay are perfect for beginners, while the more experienced can try the Liberty Wreck, The Chapel and Cyclops Bay. It is fair to say that Protaras boasts easy access to some of the best dive sites in Cyprus, and as a result, the resort town remains popular year round.

The popularity of Protaras ensures there is plenty of accommodation available to suit all budgets and tastes. Those looking for an authentic taste of Cyprus may wish to rent their own villa or at least a private apartment in the town or in the picturesque villages around the area. There are also plenty of beach resorts and hotels in the nearby town of Ayia Napa, which is an excellent vacation place for nightlife and activities away from the dive sites. Those on a budget can try the Napa Prince Hotel Apartments, or the Cordelia Hotel Apartments, while some good mid range hotels include the Napian Suites and the Nicholas Hotel Apartments, as well as the Aktea Beach Village. Those really looking to splash out when spend scuba diving vacations in Protaras should stay at the fabulous 5-star Alion Beach Hotel or the Napa Mermaid Design Hotel.

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