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The wonderful Aegean island of Santorini is a fine example of the many Greek Islands that welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, many of them divers. With warm clear waters, clean beaches and great nighttime entertainment, it is easy to see why it is the island of choice for many. Scuba divers will enjoy the calm seas with great visibility and abundance of sea life accompanied with excellent photo opportunities and excellent dive schools and instructors. With a wide variety of sites at which to practice newly learnt skills, Santorini is an excellent island where divers of all abilities can spend very rewarding scuba diving vacations. Add to this some of the best dive sites in Greece and southern Europe, many of which include evidence of previous volcanic activity in the islands, and Santorini seems to have all the necessary ingredients for a perfect diving expedition and all round great vacation.

The Kamari Lagoon, known for its clean water and far reaching visibility, is a great dive sport for beginners looking to get introduced to some of the island's friendly fish. For a look at some other types of sea life that live at the depths of the ocean, there is also The Caves. In the dark crevasses of this dive, submarine explorers can experience plenty of sea life that prefer the nooks and crannies of the black caves. The site of Thirassia is also a great location for fish spotting, as well as checking out the natural plant life that dwells in these parts. The area around the Thirassia diving sites are well known for their great scenery and excellent diving opportunities for all abilities, as are the thrilling waters and excellent sights around the area of the Absell Reef.

Of course, the area of Santorini has seen its fare share of volcanic activity in the past, and some of the sites are great for putting this into perspective. One such dive site is the fascinating Volcano dive. Here, lava has been frozen in time and is now home to plenty of sea life and rocky faces. The area also has its own shipwreck, in the Taxiahres Bay, which descends to almost 65 feet (20 meters) and is a great dive for those with plenty of years experience and the very newest beginner alike. The wreck itself is very easily accessible to all, as it lies at about 50 feet (15 meters) down. The more adventurous can then descend to greater depths if they so wish in the waters around the wreck. There are plenty of other great dive sites in Santorini, so water sports enthusiasts are advised to come and check them out!

Being a popular vacation destination since decades, there is no surprise that Santorini has a wide range of accommodations from which to choose. Many like to have a degree of independence while vacation in Santorini, and as a result hire their own villa or apartment in the town or perhaps in the rural countryside. Those looking for full service and a bit of luxury can stay at the 5-star Zannos Melathron or perhaps the luxurious Cliff Side or Mill Houses Suites. Those looking for standard mid range accommodation with all the facilities can try the Loucas Hotel, the VIP Suites or the Oxenia Hotel. Voyagers on a budget need not fear at finding suitable accommodation in Santorini. They can choose to save money at the Tataki Hotel or the Museum Spa, both of which are 2-star hotels with great prices and all the basic facilities necessary to enjoy scuba diving vacations in Santorini, one of the best-known tourist destinations in Greece.

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