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There are over one hundred beautiful islands in the Seychelles that ensure great scuba diving vacations from almost every angle. The safe diving of the inner islands offer an abundance of color and sea life, while the external islands are perhaps better suited to the more experienced diver. Those looking for excellent and challenging diving (or indeed a good place to learn) should consider the Seychelles. With great dive sites coupled with an idyllic paradise islander setting, the Seychelles is fast becoming one of the most beautiful and interesting places to dive in Indian Ocean and on the planet. Add to this some great weather and top non-diving activities and all the right ingredients are in place for some great scuba diving vacations in Seychelles Islands.

Divers will benefit from some up close and personal experiences with the wide variety of marine life in the many dive sites off the islands. Beautiful butterfly fish and turtles are everywhere and ensure the dark seas beneath the surface are full of color and life. The Granite Boulders are one of the best diving sites in the Seychelles. Full of small and medium fish, as well as sharks and even the odd dolphin, the granite boulders make for excellent diving. Submarine explorers have the opportunity to admire some beautiful soft coral that is bursting with color and of course some crabs and lobsters to add to the picturesque mix. Tourists are advised to make sure the cameras are ready when enjoying the Granite Boulders dive!

The islands of the Seychelles also boast a fair few wrecks around which plenty of marine creatures have made their homes. The Ennerdale oil tanker wreck is teeming with eels and barracudas as well as the odd shark, and is a great natural wreck, while the expressly sunk Dredger is likewise full of life, including eels and plenty more. In Seychelles are also two canal boats that were sunk on purpose also make for some great colorful photo opportunities. The Coral Garden off Pepper Island is simply wonderful and teeming with color and life, and is a brilliant place for a dive and an unforgettable experience while a scuba diving vacation in Seychelles.

The Seychelles is a favorite luxury honeymoon resort and as a result, there are many top class hotels and spa resorts throughout the islands. There are some great luxury villas for rent for those who prefer a bit more privacy and independence. These include Edens Holiday Villas and the Villas de Jardin with self-catering facilities and private balconies. There are of course also the big name chains in hotels from across the globe, including the Hilton and the 5-star Meridien Resorts, which also double as some of the most luxurious resort hotels on the island. Others may want to try the local experience and stay in a local lodge or bed and breakfast. However, whatever the budget or preference, there is plenty of choice on the beautiful Seychelles, so all tourists have chance to take delight in convenient and very rewarding scuba diving vacations in Seychelles Islands.

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