Scuba Diving Vacations &
The Best Dive Destinations in the World

People looking for exciting outdoor activities should take into account that scuba diving is a very challenging sport and today millions of tourists book vacation packages to tropical destinations with all inclusive resorts set close to the best dive sites. Because of the high popularity of this sport in the entire world have been developed resorts offering scuba diving packages. On many beaches can be found today companies providing dive lessons for beginners and renting scuba dive equipment, while lots of people passionate about this activity book vacations to world-famous dive destinations.

Scuba Diving Packages To Popular Vacation Spots

Caribbean Diving Vacations

Caribbean Sea is one of the best areas in the world to book dive vacations. The many wonderful holiday destinations providing vacation packages including diving trips, the clear waters and the very rich marine life are key factors in attracting people to the region. Actually, a large part of tourists visiting Caribbean practice various water sports including snorkeling and scuba diving. Of course, many people book scuba diving packages and spend long vacations on Caribbean islands to explore the wonderful treasures hidden in the magnificent blue waters of the sea.
Some of the best dive destinations in Caribbean region are situated in Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Grand Cayman, Curacao, and St Lucia, but extraordinary dive sites are also in Aruba and many other places.

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Mexico Diving Vacations

Without any doubt, Mexico is also a perfect destination to enjoy scuba diving vacations. On both of its sides, Caribbean and Pacific, can be found lots of exceptional beach resorts positioned close to some of the best dive spots in the world. Furthermore, most Mexican resorts offer all-inclusive vacation packages, kind of deals requested by many divers coming from the United States and Canada. Some of the major points of attractions in Mexico are reef diving in Cancun, drift diving in Cozumel Island, cenote diving in the Riviera Maya, and diving with the sea lions in the Mexican Pacific. Scuba diving packages to any of the mentioned places will turn to unforgettable memories, so plan a diving vacation to Mexico as soon as possible!

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Hawaii Diving Vacations

People who book scuba diving packages to Hawaii won’t regret a second their decision! This US state is just perfect for any outdoor activity and diving doesn’t make exception to this rule. Additionally, there are a lot of awesome dive spots to choose from: the stunning lava domes of the “Cathedrals” in Lanai, the Molokini “Backwall”, Kailua-Kona coast in Big Island where divers have the opportunity to swim with manta ray or dolphins and explore lava tubes and weird formations including swim-through arches, the Sheraton Caverns and Turtle Bluffs in Kauai and many more.

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Florida Diving Vacations

Florida is another amazing destination to book scuba diving packages for both beginners and advanced divers. Along its coastline are literally thousands of spots to dive, yet the premier diving destinations in the Sunshine State are Key West for wreck diving and Florida Keys with its Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for living-coral reef exploration. Due to the shallow and clear waters, as well as because of the very abundant marine life, Florida Keys is also an exceptional destination for snorkeling and introductory lessons to learn diving.

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Australia Diving Vacations

Australia and particularly beach resorts in Cairns, on the north-eastern side, are well-known vacation destinations among people eager to explore tropical waters. Close to Cairns is placed the Great Barrier Reef, the largest eco-system of this kind in the world, so snorkeling and scuba trips are very rewarding in this place. Some of the best-known dive spots are the Ribbon Reefs, Osprey Reef and the Coral Sea. There are diving areas that can be reached at short distance from shore, as well as more remote sites that can only be explored by live-aboard. Keep in mind that there are about 1,200 miles of coral atolls and small islands, so you can say that there are unlimited spots to enjoy by both diving and snorkeling.

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Fiji Diving Vacations

Fiji is made up of hundreds of islands and atolls, features plenty of coral reefs, so no wonder that scuba diving packages to beach resorts situated in this country are very popular with passionate divers. Fiji Islands are characterized by an incredible bio-diversity of marine life, crystal waters and exceptional resorts offering high-level service, so scuba diving packages to this remote archipelago are among the best deals that divers can choose. Some of the most popular destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling in Fiji are Taveuni Island, Kadavu Island, and the Beqa Lagoon.

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Any discussion about the best holiday sites to enjoy a rewarding scuba vacation can be endless! However, magic moments beneath the water’s surface can be savored in many travel destinations. Awesome beach resorts providing rewarding vacation deals and scuba diving packages can be found in Caribbean – Bahamas, Belize, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Aruba, Australia and Fiji Islands in South Pacific, Florida and islands of Kauai & Maui & Oahu in Hawaii USA, Cozumel & Cancun in Mexico, Seychelles, Thailand and many more. Trips to these spots turn to unforgettable memories and enable tourists to experience peerless dive vacations.